Case Study: EchoLogyx helping Chinti and Parker with their Shopify Store

Tasin Reza COO

“We have a strong digital team to continuously improve our digital presence in the market. Like our amazing products, we always want to provide a great customer experience across all of our digital presence. Working with EchoLogyx and getting their experienced Shopify engineer provided us the necessary resource and expertise to achieve our digital strategy and create a wonderful experience for our customers.

The team at EchoLogyx showed us how we can test different concepts before launching the changes to our website – allowing us to become a lot more data driven in order to make the rights business decisions. They have been helping us to implement and develop new apps, change templates and test different concepts on our Shopify store.

I would definitely recommend EchoLogyx without any doubt – these guys go above and beyond the call of duty to help us out with our Shopify site”
– Rachael W., Founder

About Chinti and Parker

Since 2009, Chinti & Parker, a London based brand, has been dedicated to creating collections which aim to invigorate women’s wardrobes with knitwear that celebrates joyful colour, timeless shapes, and innovative texture.

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The Challenge

The founders of Chinti and Parker are not only visionary with their amazingly stunning knitwear range, they wanted to provide a great customer experience through their Shopify store with innovating ideas and design.

When they started the process of implementing the back-to-back changes, they noticed that the development work was extremely slow and expensive. As a result, even though they had a digital strategy in place, they were unable to delivery the changes as quickly as they were hoping.

How EchoLogyx helped Chinti and Parker’s Shopify Development

Chinti and Parker started working with EchoLogyx from early 2022. The first project was to develop a bespoke private app to integrate with their fulfilment house. The Shopify engineers from EchoLogyx went through the scoping, making sure that all the functionalities are documented and started the development work. Within just over a month, they delivered the fully functioning private app that integrated seamlessly with their fulfilment company.

Following on to this, Chinti and Parker took one full time Shopify Engineer from EchoLogyx to help them with their digital strategy. Since then, Chinti and Parker have seen their development work move significantly faster than before. This allowed them to make bigger and bolder changes to the store, creating an amazing customer experience.

On top of using the Shopify development and QA work, Chinti and Parker started to A/B test their bigger and bolder concepts. This has started to help them make better decisions based on the data and what works best for their end users.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Don’t just take our word for it…

Customers’ Talking

Our customers are our biggest advocates. That’s why we let them do the talking.

Initially, when working with EchoLogyx, we ran a few test experiments to see how they perform. They did really well, QA was really positive. And then we sort of stepped it up very quickly from there. We are producing 12-15 tests a month. Communication is absolutely great. I can contact the team at any point in the day even after hours they are still responding to me. Since working with EchoLogyx, we have never had an issue with a test that has gone live.

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