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Looking for a quick, clean and high performing WordPress Website? We are here to help.

How We Do It

It is very simple to get a WordPress website up and running. However, when it comes to making sure that your WordPress website is unique with its design and functionalities, it could become an absolute nightmare! This is where our WordPress engineers come in to help businesses with their WordPress websites. 

We have been supporting our clients with developing bespoke templates, changes to the functionality and creating plugins to improve their WordPress site performance and do what the business needs to do.  

Our WordPress Engineers are well versed with creating bespoke templates based on design requirements. We create the backend templates in a way so that no matter how often the content is updated, the site works just right.  


Depending on what you would like to achieve, the work will vary. We have got a structured and tested method to complete all of our WordPress projects. 

Step 1: Project Requirement

Migrating from a different platform? Updating the existing WordPress Website? Or creating a brand-new WordPress brochureware from scratch? Depending on this, we will be gathering the requirements from you. This will give us a clear idea as to what would be the best and most cost-effective approach for you to take. It could be a full-time dedicated WordPress Engineer or project based WordPress Engineer support. 

Step 2: Estimate

Once we agree the requirements, we will provide a clear estimation of work – how long it will take us to complete the development, QA and launch the site. We will create a clear roadmap, and setup weekly catchups with you to show the progress every week! 

Step 3: Develop

Based on the project plan, we will start the development work. On every step of the development, we will share the progress using project management tool. This includes any changes to the themes, adding or creating plugins to the site or creating specific functionalities.  

Step 4: QA

Our QA process works in parallel to the development work. Each time the development work on your WordPress website is completed, it goes to our QA engineers. They go through the developed site area across all major devices and browsers to make sure that they are pixel perfect (Yes – you read it right) for the end users.  

Step 5: Marketing Tagging

We ensure that all the right tags including Google Analytics, Facebook and all other necessary tags are implemented in the right way. We know that “Data is the King” and the right data is going to the right platform as expected. 

Step 6: Ongoing Support

Even after the site is live, we provide ongoing support to our clients to make future changes to the WordPress website, implement A/B tests and develop new features based on the requirements.  

Why Us


Dedicated WordPress Engineers

With years of experience working with different types of WordPress websites, they know what they are doing, what can be done and how they can save your cost. 


Clean templates

The team makes sure that your WordPress website is optimized for site speed. Rather than bulking up with junk codes, we develop clean and fast loading experience, themes and templates. 


Thorough QA

Cross device and cross browser testing comes as part of our work. We will not deliver the work to you until our QA engineers are satisfied! 


Working with you

We always keep our clients in the loop with the progress of our work. We don’t hesitate to provide alternative suggestions where we see fit and what will save your cost. 


Cost effective

Our WordPress development work is of premium quality without costing you the world. No hidden charges – we confirm the cost up front with you. 


Trusted by top companies

We are trusted by major companies worldwide, providing quality development and QA services. That is why our clients love us and extremely satisfied with our work. 

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