AI Based Application Development

Whether you are looking for process improvement, increase efficiency of your current workload, or simply getting a buddy, our AI engineers have been busy developing AI based applications to support exactly that.


While every solution is personal and bespoke for you, we follow an agile process that has some key steps.

Requirement analysis

We first work with you to gather all your requirements of the AI project. This helps us understand the desired final output and the key objectives to be met. We’ll then assess all available resources, current workflow, and where you would like to get AI to support your business.

Create a project plan

Poor planning leads to poor performance, which is why we make sure to plan everything carefully. Our plan showcases the milestones we’re aiming to achieve and the overall timelines for the project. Usually, we follow agile methodologies, but we can adopt other methods where preferred or required by your business.

Tool selection and environment setup

Our engineering team are awesome. They’ll look at your business to make sure we’re using the right AI tools for the job, aligning what you’ll benefit from best with your core objectives. Then, they’ll create the different environments required, including staging and pre-live. We will also take care of any licensing that needs to be in place to use the right AI model.

Development and AI model training

We use a test-driven development (TDD) approach, which means we create user story cards for each individual piece of development work. Once the development is done, each user story is tested automatically, and manually by our QA team. We will also configure and train the model based on the requirements to make sure that the underlying AI is producing the right output for your business.

The final QA

After we’ve developed and completed the web app, we give it all one last test to make sure it’s of the best quality. Our QA engineers go through all the agreed devices and browsers, using different scenarios, to ensure everything’s working without any bugs and producing the right results for you and achieve your business objectives.

Launch and post-launch support

It’s time to go live! We’ll make sure your live server is secure, and optimised for the best performance possible. Then, we’ll provide training and ongoing support on a monthly retainer, making sure your applications are constantly looked after and can grow whenever you need them to.

Our favourite tech

Open AI

Why Us

There’s a bunch of reasons to work with us at Echologyx.


Choosing the AI Model

We’ll make sure we work with the best AI Model for your application and for your business, and we’ll make sure we explain our reasoning to you too.


Privacy and security

We’ll ensure that the AI model is only using your data in a private and secured manner. It will only use your data for your application.


The right environment and pipeline

We’ll make sure we create the right types of environments and CI/CD pipelines, ensuring sustainable and safe development.


Keeping in touch

We’re always up for a chat, and can use a variety of tools such as Skype and Slack to make sure we’re keeping communication channels open. We want you to feel like we’re just next door, so you’ll never feel out of the loop.


Keeping things cost effective

Our team is full of experienced members within their fields, from website developers to AI engineers, but we also know that not everything should cost the Earth. That’s why we’re a cost-effective outsourcing solution that’ll be efficient for your needs without charging a fortune.

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