Quality Assurance

Websites, Apps, A/B Testing - we QA everything to give right experience to end users


In order to keep everything shipshape, we have a very specific process within our QA testing.

Change analysis

First, we work with you to understand what we need to test. This includes any new designs and functionality changes. Then, we list out all the scenarios, browsers and devices that will need reviewing and testing.


We’ll provide an estimated number of hours based on what needs to be tested, so you’re in the loop on timelines.


Our QA engineers then go through all the changes that are live on the required devices and browsers. We can also use tools such as BrowserStack or CrossBrowserTesting, to ensure we don’t miss anything at all.

Bug reports

For each bug, our team will report the details of it, with screenshots or videos of the issues for reference. They’ll also confirm the device and/or browsers where the issues are happening and will note any additional observations. These are things that might not be potential bugs, but that we think are important to point out for you.

Check bug fixes

Once the bugs are reported as resolved, the team will rerun their testing, to ensure that the bugs are definitely fixed and that no new bugs have been created. This is when we confirm to you that the application is ready to go live for your customers.

Recording sessions

To have extra peace of mind, our QA engineers will record their screens, so you’ve got a record of the product being tested across different browsers and devices.

Our favourite platforms/browsers for QA

Mozila Firefox
iPad Mini

Why Us

There are heaps of reasons to work with us.


Independent QA engineers

Our QA Engineers are dedicated to their role in testing. They’re not consultants, developers or analysts. Their focus is to find issues against the design or brief provided. So, your testing gets undivided attention.


We’re trained to be thorough

We know what we’re doing, and that’s why our customers love us.


Detailed documentation

We’ll clearly define all the bugs found on different devices / browsers with necessary screenshots and how to reproduce them.



We’ll flag any potential issues, even with the current live site you’re running.


Experience that cannot be beaten

We’ve got a combined experience of over 30,000 hours of A/B testing variation development, and we’re proud of it. It’s skill that’s not to be sniffed at!


Keeping in touch

We’re always up for a chat, and can use a variety of tools such as Skype and Slack to make sure we’re keeping communication channels open. We want you to feel like we’re just next door, so you’ll never feel out of the loop.

Let's Have a chat?

If you want to find out a bit more, just get in touch. We love a chinwag, and we'd love to help you out.

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