Mobile Apps Development

Whether it is updating an existing app or creating an app from scratch, our Mobile App Developers will support your needs.

Our Process

Each Mobile app must have its distinct features. That is why we work with our clients to ensure that our App Engineers understand what needs to be developed and how things need to be worked on. 

We are supporting our clients with iOS app development, Android app development with simple informational to complex ecommerce functionalities attached to the apps. We have developed apps with backend connectivity, RESTful API calls and ensure that customers get a seamless experience by using these apps. 


We follow an agile process within some key steps.  

Step 1: Requirement analysis

We work with you to gather requirements, understand the final output and key objectives, and assess all available resources including any Software Requirement Specification document, wireframes, user journeys and designs.  

Step 2: Create project plan

We develop a project plan to showcase clear milestones and timelines for the overall project. 

Step 3: Tech stack selection and environment setup

The Engineering team will assess everything to select the right tech stack to support the business objectives. They will create different environments including local, staging and pre-live. 

Step 4: Development and QA

We use a test driven development (TDD) approach. We create user story cards for each individual piece of development work. Once they are completed, we QA them automatically, as well as manually and share this with our clients to ensure that they pass the User Acceptance Tests. This includes publishing the app via Firebase and or other testing environment for a thorough QA. 

Step 5: Launch

We will publish the latest QA’d version live with you. 

Why Us


Choosing the right tech stack

We will come up with the right technology stack that is best for your mobile App. Whether it is Fluttr, React Native, or native language, we will explain that rationale and reasoning behind what we choose and why. 


Test Driven Development

We follow a Test Driven Development approach to ensure that the changes are automatically being tested before they are merged to the app.



We will flag any potential improvement to you so that the final outcome will be the best possible solution for your customers


Ongoing Communication

We will use Gitlab, Jira, LeanKit, Trello or any preferred program management tools for communication.  


Cost effective

Our team consists of experienced members within their fields. This means we are cost effective and efficient for your needs. 


Trusted by top companies

We are trusted by major companies worldwide, providing quality development and QA services. That is why our clients love us and extremely satisfied with our App development work. 

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