Case Study: Wax London increases their velocity of Shopify Development with EchoLogyx

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About Wax London

Wax is a London-based family label established in 2015, inspired by the places, faces and stories that surround us. Keeping sustainability at their core, Wax’s clothing is made with carefully sourced materials, designed to be worn, time and time again.

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The Challenge

After Wax moved their ecommerce platform to Shopify, they started to face some challenges to make necessary changes on their new platform. Their dynamic ecommerce and digital marketing team were getting blocked due to reduced amount of support received by their previous agency. As a result, even though they had new and innovative ideas to try and test to improve customer experience, they had to wait for months to get things implemented. They needed a solution that was efficient, cost effective and high standard.

How EchoLogyx helped Wax to scale their Shopify Development

Wax started working with EchoLogyx from early 2022. With a fulltime experienced Shopify engineer from EchoLogyx directly supporting Wax’s digital team, Wax was able to move quickly with the necessary changes on their Shopify site. On top of that, all changes were tested across multiple devices and browsers by their dedicated QA engineers, ensuring that everything is bug free when anything is going live. Download the full case study to find out more.

“When we first started working with EchoLogyx, we realised that it is possible to move things faster without losing the quality and spending a huge amount of money for the development support. We are using EchoLogyx and their Shopify developers for a while now. They are great to work with, understand our challenges and produce innovative solutions that is continuously helping us to fulfil our digital requirements. On top of that, their QA is extremely thorough, making sure that we are not making any mistakes when pushing any changes live to our storefront. This is allowing us to try out the boundaries of Shopify and enhance the customer experience of our store. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend EchoLogyx for their Shopify development support.”

– Nicolo T., Head of Digital and Ecommerce

Don’t just take our word for it…

Don’t just take our word for it…

Customers’ Talking

Our customers are our biggest advocates. That’s why we let them do the talking.

Initially, when working with EchoLogyx, we ran a few test experiments to see how they perform. They did really well, QA was really positive. And then we sort of stepped it up very quickly from there. We are producing 12-15 tests a month. Communication is absolutely great. I can contact the team at any point in the day even after hours they are still responding to me. Since working with EchoLogyx, we have never had an issue with a test that has gone live.

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