Case Study: EchoLogyx helping Loft25 Group with their bespoke product launch

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EchoLogyx’s expertise has been invaluable to our Gardenista project. With the upgraded website now live for several months, we are delighted with the solution provided. Minor bugs were swiftly resolved, leading to a stable platform. Sales have surpassed our expectations, and the automated processes have saved our team significant time.

Our gratitude goes to the EchoLogyx team for their collaborative approach and commitment to deadlines. Their flexibility allowed us to launch just in time for the Garden season.” – Babak M., Digital Project Manager

About Loft25 Group

Loft25, a prominent player in the furniture and home décor industry, embarked on a transformative journey with EchoLogyx, a trusted web development and quality assurance agency. The collaborative venture aimed to rejuvenate Loft25’s Gardenista line, a segment dedicated to outdoor furniture and décor. EchoLogyx was entrusted with the task of revamping the Gardenista website, hosted on the Shopify platform. The mission was clear: enhance Gardenista’s sales performance with new and innovative product range while simplifying operations through automation.

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The Challenge

The team at Loft25 wanted to simplify the customer journey of purchasing bespoke product range that is personalised for the customer’s need. This required a series of questions to get the right product and receive the product price using a decision tree. As the store is built on Shopify, this whole journey needed to be part of the existing store but at the same time, need to have a bespoke section for the customers to go through the questions to buy the personalised product.

How EchoLogyx helped Loft25

EchoLogyx executed a strategic approach for the project by developing this as a standalone product. Provided that this is a custom made product, the customers were able to choose the exact dimension, colours and other attributes which then automatically calculates the price. Additionally, to make it simple, customers were able to add multiple personalised products within the same journey.
Once this was developed, it went through a full end to end QA process across multiple devices and browsers to make sure that the correct pricing is getting calculated and no UI issues are found by the end users.

Download the full case study to find out more.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Don’t just take our word for it…

Customers’ Talking

Our customers are our biggest advocates. That’s why we let them do the talking.

Initially, when working with EchoLogyx, we ran a few test experiments to see how they perform. They did really well, QA was really positive. And then we sort of stepped it up very quickly from there. We are producing 12-15 tests a month. Communication is absolutely great. I can contact the team at any point in the day even after hours they are still responding to me. Since working with EchoLogyx, we have never had an issue with a test that has gone live.

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