Case Study: EchoLogyx helps GoStudent’s Growth team to increase test velocity by 10x

Tasin Reza COO

“Collaborating with EchoLogyx has been a transformative experience for us. Thanks to their efficient team we’ve been able to operate at an extremely high testing velocity, much higher than I’ve been able to achieve in any previous companies. The team, with their 100% specialisation in CRO development, enabled us to smash our velocity targets and also overcome many technical challenges, pushing the boundaries of Optimizely. Our work with EchoLogyx has proven invaluable investment. They’ve been the rocket fuel to our growth.

– Mike F., Head Of Experimentation


About GoStudent

GoStudent is an online platform providing 1:1 tutoring for students across Europe. They have over 23,000 tutors and have supported over 11mil families.

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The Challenge

The GoStudent marketing team is divided across more than 15 regions, dispersed throughout Europe. They had Optimizely as their testing platform. However, there was no dedicated CRO team and they were struggling to launch experiments frequently due to a shortage of resources to support test design, development and QA.

How EchoLogyx helped GoStudent

In summer 2022, GoStudent wanted to ramp up their CRO activity. They hired a Head of CRO (Mike) to build a new team, who quickly employed Echologyx as their A/B test delivery partner. The
team started to communicate and educate about the power of experimentation and created a series of experimentation strategies for the different marketing teams. This included simplified user
journeys, personalisations, prioritisation of experiments based on impact, and UX studies of different cultures.

Within a few months, GoStudent started to push experiments based on the new growth strategy findings across different customer journeys, landing pages and registration process. EchoLogyx designed, developed, and QA’d an average of 20 tests per month based on the research findings by Mike and the GoStudent growth team. This has helped the team from different regions to gain more traffic and increase conversion rate.

Download the full case study.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Don’t just take our word for it…

Customers’ Talking

Our customers are our biggest advocates. That’s why we let them do the talking.

Initially, when working with EchoLogyx, we ran a few test experiments to see how they perform. They did really well, QA was really positive. And then we sort of stepped it up very quickly from there. We are producing 12-15 tests a month. Communication is absolutely great. I can contact the team at any point in the day even after hours they are still responding to me. Since working with EchoLogyx, we have never had an issue with a test that has gone live.

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