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Default analytics tags can take you as far as the default options supported by the analytics tools. When you want to learn more about your users, you will need that additional sets of tags on your website. From enhanced ecommerce, events, props, evars – our engineers have been helping clients to boost their insight from clever tagging on the website. Whether you are using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or any other analytics tools, we can tag the site and ensure that you are getting all the data required to get that extra bit of information about your customers.

Our engineers can use Google Tag Manager, Tealium or any other tagging solutions to implement the tags. We can also implement the tags directly on the site.

Whenever we implement any tags, we QA it thoroughly to ensure that the data is coming through for all implemented analytics tags as expected. This QA of tagging is done across multiple devices and browsers. This is why our customers trust us with tagging implementation solutions.

Tagging using different solutions
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Adobe Aanlytics

How we do it

Our Analytics Tagging project can take anything between a day to a week – depending on the requirement. We follow a simple structure that allows us to be able to ensure that we got the right requirement, implement tags, QA the tags and confirm this with you.

  • 1

    Tagging Brief

    This is where we talk to you, understand what you would like to get from this tagging exercise, analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, tagging implementation tool such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium or whether they will be implemented directly into the site. Once we get all the necessary information, we will create an internal tagging brief to confirm with you that this brief covers all of your requirements.

  • 2


    We would estimate the work – how long it will take us to complete the tagging, QA the new tags and ensure that the right data is coming through when the tags are live.

  • 3


    Based on the tagging brief, our engineers will then go through each tags, implement them using all the necessary conditions based on the requirement. Where the tags will be triggered, when the tags will be triggered, whether it is a tag that is related to the visibility of an element – all of these will then be considered.

  • 4

    Tags QA

    Once the tags have been implemented, our QA engineers will use different scenarios to check if the tags are firing in the right way. They will use different devices and browsers to make sure that everything is working as expected. The team will cross check the data on the analytics tool as well to ensure that the content is coming through as expected.

  • 5


    Once our QA engineers provide the green signal, we present this back to our clients, delivering the overall tagging project.

Why us

There’s a bunch of reasons to work with us at EchoLogyx.

  • 01
    Tech Agnostic.

    Whether you are using Google Analytics with GTM, or Tealium, or Adobe Analytics, it does not matter to us – we work with pretty much any analytics tools.

  • 02
    Clean Tags.

    We ensure that our implementation has got a clean and clear look so that it is easy to understand what is done.

  • 03
    Thorough QA

    It is not just the implementation of the tags, but also the

    and browsers. We will not deliver the work to you until our QA engineers are satisfied!

  • 04
    Working with you.

    We always keep our clients in the loop with the progress of our work. We don’t hesitate to provide alternative suggestions where we see fit!

  • 05
    Cost effective.

    We provide top tagging implementation in an extremely cost-effective manner. No hidden charges – we confirm the cost up front with you.

  • 06
    Trusted by top companies.

    We are trusted by major companies world wide, providing quality tagging implementation services. That is why our

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    Farhan Hussain

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  • I’d 100% recommend EchoLogyx – they have really sort of raised the bar of my expectation, of how you should work with developers and also their efficiency of completing the project.

    Lucy Collins

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  • They come to me saying, this can be done better. This proactiveness is what I most like about the EchoLogyx team. They have got a strong QA team as well so that nothing goes out live without going through a thorough QA.

    Nabil Al Jannati

    Brand Manager, Ninety Percent
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  • Our experience of EchoLogyx is resoundingly positive. They’re very thorough and detailed. We’ve got a great working relationship with our optimisation managers.

    James Amborse

    Head of Operations, RedEye Optimisation
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